Tom Brady Won The Super Bowl While Patrick Mahomes Was In Kindergarten

Tom Brady has been around the NFL so long that his Super Bowl opponent, Patrick Mahomes, was five years old in the fall of 2000 when Tom Brady was a Patriots backup quarterback waiting for the calendar year to flip to 2001 so he could be transformed into the greatest quarterback in the history of the sport.

Patrick Mahomes turned six that year and was in kindergarten as Brady came in for Drew Bledsoe in Week 2 of the 2001 season and never let go of the job until he signed with Tampa Bay March 20, 2020 with six Super Bowl rings.

You can bet the Tom Brady Super Bowl vs. Patrick Mahomes kindergarten photo comparison will be posted by every major news outlet around the world over the next two weeks, as people stop and try to fathom Brady still going strong at 43.

Now 25 and with a Super Bowl ring of his own, Mahomes has a child on the way, and it's very possible that Brady could still be playing when Mahomes' child turns five and is catching passes from dad. Brady's trainer went on the record in 2019 saying Brady's told him he could play until 46 or 47. Add a couple more years and baby Mahomes just might be catching passes from the greatest quarterback to ever walk the planet.

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