Tom Brady Slams Helmet, Voices Frustration At Bucs Camp

Tom Brady is a seven-time Super Bowl champion in large part because of his ability to live in the "now," and during camp this week, he showed us that ability once again. Brady got so ticked off during a two-minute drill that he slammed his helmet and punted the ball 40 yards down the field. Talk about living in the moment.

And this should answer any question his teammates or fans have about Brady's motivation. He's basically the JLo of the NFL, looking for another ring.

"Got to make (bleeping) plays when you're tired, fellas," Brady said after he was sacked to end the drill.

Head coach Bruce Arians was happy with the effort, and rightfully so:

"Really pleased with the effort. We're working extremely hard, two days in a row, fast. But I'm not seeing the smart. We've got to be a much smarter football team," Arians said after practice. "We had way too many mental errors. Same thing today with guys getting lined up, especially young receivers, and it's time for them to grow up."

The Buccaneers will be hellbent on a repeat title because Tom Brady is on the roster. Most other team's motivation falls off a cliff the year after winning it all, while Brady's teams take it to another level. Expect the Bucs to keep that itch to hoist Mr. Lombardi by obsessing over mental mistakes during training camp. Brady slamming his helmet and demanding perfection is nothing more than a child saying he wants his toy. Eventually, they get it.

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