Tom Brady Reacts To Edelman Retirement: 'I Love You For All That You Did'

Julian Edelman is officially retiring from the NFL. After 12 long years in the league, the veteran receiver was given a "failed physical" designation that ultimately led to his decision, which he shared via social media.

Edelman's longtime quarterback, Tom Brady, took to Instagram later on Monday to congratulate one of his favorite targets. Like always, there were some light-hearted, funny moments in his words, but you can also tell what Edelman meant to Brady.

“As I was writing this note, Vivi (Brady’s daughter) saw the first picture and said ‘daddy, tell Julian to cut his beard, I don’t like it’…which of course Jules, she never did like it,” Brady said in the post. “But you know who did…Me!! Because it meant you were locked in and it was playoff time. That was when you shined the most. On the biggest stage and in the biggest moments, you always came through."

It always seemed like Edelman was at his best during the playoffs. In fact, it's one of the main reasons many consider him to be a Hall of Fame caliber receiver. That's a debate for another day, but his postseason performances will always be memorable, including his Super Bowl LIII MVP.

“You never let anyone define you as a person or player,” Brady continued. “You have so many teammates that admired your work ethic and will to win, and I am at the top of the list because when I was down and feeling sorry for myself at times, you were right there to pick me up. You were as tough as could be and I love you for all that you did to make our teams as great as they could possibly be.”

And then Brady sent him off, talking about Edelman's transition to fatherhood and wishing him well with whatever his future holds.

“Seeing you become a dad and the changes you made in your life made me so encouraged and happy for you,” Brady said in closing. “Life is about gratitude and perspective! I am so happy for you and your family. You had an amazing football journey, an amazing life journey in New England, and I have no doubt you will succeed in anything you choose to do next.”

Emotional and powerful. Most of the old guard from all those Super Bowl runs continue to leave, slowly but surely.

And for anyone who thinks the Patriots were harsh with the "failed physical" designation, Dr. David Chao of OutKick pointed out on Twitter that the franchise was actually doing right by Edelman. He now becomes eligible for an injury protection benefit where he can collect up to $2 million.

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