Tom Brady Lost Track of Downs as Bears Win Ugly

Football is often not a glamorous sport. On the ledger, the Chicago Bears' ugly 20-19 victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers counts the same as if it had looked a lot prettier.

Tom Brady had a chance to lead a drive in the final minute where a field goal would have won the game. In a moment that was downright shocking for the greatest quarterback of all-time, who has always had total command of situational football, Brady appeared to lose track of the downs. What he thought was third down was actually fourth, and he threw well beyond the sticks. It landed incomplete, and he made a signal like Okay now it's fourth down when the game was effectively over:

The Bears are now 4-1. Their other three wins, against the Lions, Giants, and Falcons, were also pretty ugly. But hey, 2020 is a weird year. If they can make a habit of winning ugly, especially since seven teams in each conference make the playoffs now, they can stick around and have a relevant season.

The Bucs, meanwhile, fall to 3-2. They play a game against the Packers late Sunday afternoon on Fox that is going to be very intriguing for the national audience.