Tom Brady Has Gronk Treating Processed Sugars Like Would-Be Tacklers

Rob Gronkowski gives the impression that he's the kind of guy who has a nightly routine of post-practice Chipotle, a few pints of Haagen-Dazs and a sixer of Bud heavies. In actuality, he's much more likely to binge on some Brady-approved avocado ice cream than he is a few gulps of Molson Ice. Tampa's stud tight end has lately cut processed sugars from his diet after watching Brady do so years earlier.

"I love desserts, but it has to all be naturally grown ingredients," Gronkowski told

Gronk hasn't completely cut out the sweet stuff, just the processed version, telling Insider: "I'll have sugar, but it has to be some organic cane sugar or organic brown sugar, not some synthetic sugar or high-fructose corn syrup. Just all-natural products, all-natural food."

Ha! And you thought he didn't party anymore!

The diet seems to be working. In last Sunday's win versus the Colts, Gronkowski recorded 123 receiving yards, the most he's had in a game since 2018.

Second-year Bucs tackle Tristan Wirfs told Buccaneers staff writer Carmen Vitali, "Gronk was like a diesel truck - a power stroke."

Wirfs added that Gronk told him: "I'm in year 11, I don't want to get tackled."

Keeping his distance from those processed sugars and following the lead of longtime friend Tom Brady has allowed Gronk to mostly avoid those would-be tacklers.

"I just learned that over time by watching him eat, obviously everything he's putting in his body from desserts to the meal that he's eating is all clean products, it's all clean foods," said Gronk.

Tampa's lack of sugar hasn't negatively affected the Buccaneers' offense. Gronk, Brady and their Bucs teammates are currently 8-3, atop the NFC South. And nothing tastes sweeter than victory.


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