Tom Brady Eats Dirt On Embarrassing Failed Trick Play, Gets Flagged For Tripping After Leonard Fournette Throws INT In Germany

The Buccaneers tried to get tricky during the third quarter of Sunday's game against the Seahawks, but Tom Brady slipped and it ended in epic failure. To make matters worse, he was penalized on the play.

Tampa Bay had the ball on 1st-and-10 at the Seattle 22-yard-line. Instead of lining up in a traditional set, Leonard Fournette lined up at quarterback in the Wildcat.

The ball was snapped and the entire offense shifted toward the right side as if the running back was going to keep it himself. Instead, Fournette paused after an initial fake, turned back to the left and threw back across field to... his quarterback.

Brady had lined up split-out wide before the play, which is common for the Wildcat formation. Typically, they are just decoys and rendered useless.

Not in this instance.

Once the play got underway, the NFL's oldest active player ran a go-route and was streaking toward the end zone. Brady seemingly had a half step on cornerback Tariq Woolen.

And then the Buccaneers trick play for Tom Brady completely fell apart.

Fournette under-threw his signal-caller, Woolen caught up to the play, and Brady fell down to the grass below after he completely lost his footing and slipped. It resulted in a very embarrassing interception.

If the epic fail trick play wasn't bad enough, Brady stuck out his leg as Woolen came down with the pick and tripped the defensive back, who had open field in front of him. He, rightfully, was flagged.

Everything about the play was a complete disaster. The Buccaneers had a lot of momentum in their favor, so there was no reason to dig into the bag of tricks to begin with.

Additionally, asking a running back to stop on a dime and throw a deep ball back across the field is not easy. And then there's the slippage. Just brutal all around.

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