Tom Brady. Bruce Arians. Tension!

The Buccaneers are 7-4, but Tom Brady has had a couple CLUNKERS this season, including this past Monday night against the Rams when he threw a pair of utterly inexplicable interceptions. You know what that means. Commence the reports of tension between Brady and Bucs coach Bruce Arians. Here's Dan Graziano on ESPN:

Not just any tension. REAL tension. Frustration bubbling to the surface, says Graziano.

I mean, this isn't altogether surprising, considering the respective personalities of Brady and Arians. They've had some positive moments together this season, but they have not been elite overall.

You caught glimpses of this two months ago when Arians scolded Brady for a bad interception.

I've said for years that I'm never burying Tom Brady until I'm absolutely certain he's dead. He's been the NFL version of The Undertaker. One minute, you're sure he's done, and then...nope! He's undead.

Perhaps Brady and Arians are capable of succeeding amidst healthy tension, but things will sure turn dark and interesting if they aren't.


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