Tom Brady And The Bucs Are Getting Bludgeoned By The Saints On Sunday Night Football

Coming into tonight, Tom Brady was leading what most believed to be the best team in the NFC. That felt true until the Saints came marching in with a 31-0 halftime lead. Unless the Atlanta Falcons plan on subbing in for the second half, the Bucs are toast.

When the Twitter interns for these division rivals pull out Oprah's famous phrase at your expense, it's not good. Brady has experience coming back from large deficits, but we're talking down 31 points with New Orleans starting the 3rd with the ball. Put a fork in 'em.

So far, New Orleans' defense has stifled the Tom Brady-Antonio Brown duo. A 16th ranked defense is blowing the doors off Tampa's receivers and making Tom Brady look his age. No one saw this coming, especially not Brady.

Drew Brees

Brees has 189 yards and three touchdowns, which is great and all, but the defense is single handedly walking the Saints to the finish line. A first-half 140.5 quarterback rating will get it done when Brady falls apart and throws two picks. It hasn't take anything special to outshine Brady tonight.

Can the booth get a mulligan?

Tampa rushed for nine yards in the first half. As in, less than ten. New Orleans deserves credit, but the Buccanears have certainly laid an egg on Sunday Night Football.

At least Tom gets to go home to Gisele.

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