Tim Tebow Addition Is A Sideshow That Will Piss Players Off, So Says Former Teammate

According to Greg McElroy, former Jets quarterback and teammate of Tim Tebow, Tim signing in Jacksonville as a tight end is a "sideshow." The former Alabama quarterback claims to like Tebow, but doesn't think he was all that good.

Some friend.

"Everyone saying, 'Oh, he's finally doing what he should've done 10 years ago by switching to tight end,'" McElroy said. "Y'all, we were with him on the Jets. They tried to switch him to tight end, he wasn't good. That's what people don't acknowledge. Oh, they'll just use him as a Taysom Hill player. Tim ran a 4.8, Taysom Hill runs a 4.4. I mean, they're just two totally different players. Tim is a good dude and I hope the best for him, but it's a sideshow."

Doesn't sound too fond of Tebow, despite what he claims. If you "wish the best" for him, then wouldn't you let the process play out organically? He goes on to explain that the Tebow experiment will hit the fan early:

"It's going to become a sideshow at training camp," he said. "I think it kind of undercuts, undermines a little bit of what Urban Meyer is trying to build. Maybe he makes the team, maybe he doesn't, but it's going to take away from the task at hand, which is trying to put together the most competitive roster in camp."

Holy haterade

If Tim Tebow is a friend and you have no ill wishes for his future in the NFL, then keep your mouth shut. I'm not here arguing that Tebow will be some massive success as a tight end in Jacksonville, but McElroy doesn't have the guts to pick a side either.

Saying a player may or may not make the team? You really nailed it there, bud. Perhaps the former quarterback has potential for an NFL front office gig someday? Real crystal ball work here.

The big takeaway is that Tim Tebow is extraordinarily popular. He isn't the most talented player we've ever seen, so he'll look to snag a final roster spot. When did a 53rd player on any NFL roster ever make or break a team? Any player who loses his job to Tim Tebow isn't changing the division anyway. And spare us the "Tebow is a distraction" nonsense. The Dallas Cowboys broadcast a year round TV show in 4K for their cheerleading squad -- I'm positive a bunch of grown men can handle a few questions about a quarterback looking to make a comeback.