Three Teams Reportedly Still Very High On Texans Starting QB Deshaun Watson

Whether quarterback Deshaun Watson gets traded this offseason prior to the start of camp remains one of the hot topics around the NFL.

The 25-year-old Texans signal caller can't seem to get out of his own way, and it almost feels like where Watson might end up changes daily.

FanSided NFL columnist Matt Lombardo is out with his new piece, and in it he talks a lot about Watson and where he'll end up, if the Texans do move him.

"Three teams that repeatedly came up in conversations with multiple executives were the Washington Football Team and Las Vegas Raiders, and Miami Dolphins as potential destinations for Watson,” Lombardo wrote.

The three teams mentioned should some as no surprise, as Watson has reportedly had conversations with those three clubs.

Out of the three teams, the one team that seems to get the most pub is the Miami Dolphins.

Miami already has a starting QB, Tua Tagovailoa, but Tua did have a few questionable moments last season. If Miami can snag Watson, they will likely do so and move Tagovailoa to another club.

Then there's Washington, which went out and grabbed Ryan Fitzpatrick this offseason. However, he's probably not a long term answer.

The Raiders have Derek Carr, who might be miffed about the Raiders' interest in Watson, but if Watson brings more to the table, then the team may have to make a move.

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