This Top 10 QB List Will Save US

Ahh, July, when the QB lists come to take our worries away.

ESPN took a break from begging for Maria Taylor's forgiveness and surveyed more than 50 NFL executives, coaches, scouts, and players to rank the top 10 QBs heading into the season.

Here's this year's list. If your wife disagrees with it, don't get a divorce. The list is probably not worth that headache.

Honestly, not bad. Anyway, here's the correct list, also known as my list:

Before you freak out and tag angry Chiefs fans, look at last season.

In 2020, Aaron Rodgers threw 10 more touchdowns than Mahomes, 48 to 38, and fewer interceptions, 5 to 6. Rodgers had a better passer rating, 121.5 to 108.2, and Rodgers completed 71% of his passes compared to Mahomes' 66%. 

Don't put Mahomes over Rodgers just because Mahomes made it to the Super Bowl. Mahomes and Rodgers were both eliminated by the same team. Because of conference alignment, the Packers played the Bucs in the NFC Championship Game, while the Chiefs played the Bucs in the Super Bowl. Furthermore, Rodgers held up better against Tampa's defense than Mahomes did. It wasn't close.

Oh, and Rodgers had less talent around him than Mahomes did last season. So, for now, give me Rodgers over Mahomes.

As for Mr. Brady? Another Super Bowl win. Cool. He isn't a better QB right now than Russell Wilson or Josh Allen. Brady's team is better than theirs -- he is not.

From the start of the season to the end, Rodgers and Mahomes were the only QBs definitively better than Allen. On talent alone, only Rodgers compares to Josh Allen.

Justin Herbert did not make my list. He has only played in the NFL one year. Should he repeat his rookie success, he will likely edge out Mayfield or Jackson next season.

Also, give me Mayfield slightly over Jackson. Until Jackson proves he can win from behind, he's barely a top 10 QB. At the QB position, give me an accurate arm over fast legs.

Matt Stafford is ranked high. The Lions' incompetence has shielded Stafford from criticism. Now, he is in LA and the pressure is on.

Now wasn't that debate better than discussing the family budget this week?

*Rank your top 10 QBs in the NFL below:

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