The Instagram Ladies Of Ireland, Skip Shows Off For The Ladies & Troy Aikman Getting Loose

Happy St. Patrick's Day

You want to see something sad? Click right here on the Dublin, Ireland Earthcam and take a look at the Dublin pubs that have become famous on St. Patrick's Day via this link that lets people from around the world watch people have fun. The pubs are closed. Aside from some brief periods last summer and in December, the pubs have been closed for over a year.

Now in their third lockdown, Ireland pubs haven't been open since Christmas Eve. Think about that for a minute. No bars have been open for months. It's like ripping out the soul of the people. Meanwhile, here in the U.S., the Chicago River is green. And in New York City, the pubs are open.

Enjoy those beers today, tip your servers well, crush that corned beef, pretend you're Irish, and don't look at that Earthcam link. It'll ruin your party.

• Did you see that LeBron is now part owner in the group that owns the Boston Red Sox? That's so ironic since he's a Yankees fan. Tuesday's news also means he owns a piece of the Liverpool Football Club, Rousch Fenway Racing and sports network NESN. This means you'll soon see Bron Bron fake acting like he cares about NASCAR because Michael Jordan now has a team. Just watch. Bron will have to get a rival black driver to race against Bubba Wallace. It's just a matter of time.

• I might've jinxed things by saying it Tuesday, but it had to be said. I might have to get the mower out next week. The temps are supposed to get into the upper 60s for an extended period, and it's starting to look like we might get out of March without snow. This is fascinating, and I'm here for it.

• Do you ever just look up at your trees trying to figure out which limbs need to be chopped off? That's where I was at mentally last night. I sat on the patio looking up making mental notes.

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