The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Are Back On CMT For Season 15

Earth continues to heal from a rough 2020 and part of that healing is news that the Dallas Cowboys cheerleader reality show -- consider it the Hard Knocks of cheerleading -- is back for its 15th season. CMT announced today it's bringing back Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team for one of the more interesting seasons in show history due to COVID-19.

"In a first for the organization, the franchise conducted worldwide auditions virtually, resulting in one of the most diverse and talented casts to date," CMT said in its big announcement. "In addition, the organization hosted DCC Summer Training Camp inside a “bubble,” where hopefuls lived, trained and filmed together."

Oh, I'm locked in on this! I need to see the drama that busts loose when you throw cheerleader hopefuls into a controlled environment and let the cameras roll. I expect tears, triumph, dreams to be crushed, and cheerleaders who rise to the top of the profession.

Let's cut to the chase: I expect this to be must-see TV.

The coronabros & blue checkmarks will say it's irresponsible for the Cowboys cheerleaders to be doing a reality show & performing during games. You'll have Karen Rovell saying this is wrong and going on like a deranged lunatic about irresponsibility. But from the promotional material sent out, the ladies are socially distanced, wearing masks and they'll be performing in a massive stadium. Everything should be fine.

The ladies will make their in-game debut Sunday when the Falcons roll into town. We still don't know how many fans will be allowed inside for the Dallas opener, but tickets are on sale and starting at $89.


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