The Colts Need a Real QB Now

Philip Rivers made the Colts' decision for them. Now that he has announced his retirement, they need to find a new starting QB.

More than any other team, the Colts are, to quote the famous phrase, "a QB away from a Super Bowl." Indianapolis has its defense, offensive line, running game, and coach in place for the future. With a limited Rivers at QB, the Colts were eliminated by just three points by the Bills, the team I expect to represent the conference in the Super Bowl. Indianapolis should take an aggressive approach in its search for a franchise QB this offseason.

The Colts may first look at trade options. With the 21st overall pick in the draft, the Colts are not going to draft a pro-ready QB. Nor is Deshaun Watson likely to wind up in Indy. Not even the Texans are dumb enough to send Watson to a division rival. Let's move on.

Carson Wentz has the highest ceiling. Frank Reich knows Wentz from Philadelphia and speaks highly of him. A month ago, Wentz appeared like a possibility. Since then, however, the Eagles fired Doug Pederson, making it more likely that Wentz returns to Philly next season.

Matt Stafford is the best fit for the Colts. There is buzz that the Lions could finally set Stafford free, and the Colts should waste no time making the call for him. Stafford is only 32 and his arm strength hasn't dropped off a bit. A Stafford-led Colts team is a threat to both the Bills and Chiefs.

Sam Darnold is another name to consider. With the second overall pick, there's no reason for the Jets to bring Darnold back. Plus, he has more value as a trade chip. The Jets can thank Ryan Tannehill, whose resurgence with the Titans changed the market value for underachieving QBs like Darnold.

If the Colts are unable to orchestrate a trade, they can draft a QB and sign a veteran while the rookie develops. 

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