Texans Reportedly Have Starting Price in Mind for Deshaun Watson

Since the Lions cashed in for Matt Stafford, the football world has wondered what it'd take to acquire Deshaun Watson. Longtime Houston sports writer John McClain has details on what it'll take just to get the conversation started:

The Texans say they have no interest in trading Watson and may even reject full asking price offers. However, many a team has said it wouldn't trade a star player, only to trade him a few weeks later. The Giants and OBJ come to mind.

The Jets have the most draft capital, including the 2nd overall pick, to offer the Texans. The "two young defensive starters" part of the equation complicates matters for New York, though.

We broke down how far Watson could take each rumored team next season, and in most cases, he would be worth the cost.

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