Texans Aren't Trading Deshaun Watson, End Of Discussion

Deshaun Watson may be looking to move on from the Houston Texans, as relayed by OutKick's Matt Loede earlier. But if he is, he should probably forget about it. It's not going to happen.

According to John McLain of the Houston Chronicle, the Texans wouldn't trade Watson, even if he requested one.

"I’ve got a better chance of becoming the Texans’ new head coach than Deshaun Watson has of being traded," McLain tweeted.

McLain also wrote that "under no circumstances will the Texans trade Watson" and that “he’s not going anywhere."

The Texans just hired a new general manager, Nick Caserio, who will arrive from the New England Patriots. He and the rest of the front office are expected to consult with Watson on a new coach -- though you can be sure that the majority of candidates will have ties to the Patriots.

The Texans were a mess this past season, firing coach/GM Bill O'Brien after an 0-4 start and replacing him with interim coach Romeo Crennel. Things didn't get much better, but their lackluster season was hardly the fault of Watson.

Sometimes, things just don't come together, and that was the case for the Texans. Keeping Watson, though, will help them get back on track. The Texans appear to realize at least that much.

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