Tennessee Titans Finally Have COVID News To Cheer

No new positives! That's the word out of the Tennessee Titans camp Monday morning as the COVID spread appears to be under control. The team had eight players and eight staff members test positive for the virus as of Saturday, causing Sunday's game against the Steelers to be postponed until Week 7.

Adam Schefter reports the final tally for the team was 18 positives over six days. They remain hopeful that this will be the end of their scare. The good news is that Week 5 against the Bills could go on as planned. According to Schefter, the Titans must not have any new positives for two consecutive days for the team facility to reopen on Wednesday.

As for players on the COVID-reserve list, the following must happen before they can return:

Following a positive test, if the player is asymptomatic, he can return once:

Following a positive test, if the player demonstrates symptoms, he can return once:

All players must get clearance from the club’s Head Physician in both cases.

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