Steelers-Ravens Madness Continues With Fear of Player Strike and Talk of Further Postponement [UPDATE]

1) Mike Florio reports that there is fear of a Ravens players strike -- which would create major issues with the Collective Bargaining Agreement -- if their game against the Steelers remains Tuesday night as now scheduled:

2) If you're keeping score at home, Ravens-Steelers has been moved from Thanksgiving primetime to Sunday afternoon to Tuesday night. Now there are murmurs that it could be moved AGAIN to Wednesday. Jeff Zrebiec, who covers the Ravens for The Athletic, reports:

Adam Schefter also reports the NFL is "pondering" moving the game again:

3) Ravens-Cowboys, which was originally scheduled for this upcoming Thursday, already got moved to late afternoon next Monday because of the Ravens-Steelers moves. The Steelers are slated to play Washington Football Team on Sunday, but if Pittsburgh has to play Baltimore on Wednesday instead of Tuesday, it's conceivable that Steelers-Washington would also be moved back.

Conclusion: 2020 has truly been a wild year, and the NFL is hellbent on not canceling games. So this madness with the scheduling will likely continue in the coming weeks.

Update: Steelers-Ravens has officially been moved to Wednesday afternoon:

Update II: Here is the schedule for next week's games that are affected by all this:

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