Stars Fly In Dallas As Raiders, Cowboys Players Start Brawling During Postgame Handshakes

Dallas Cowboys players had to be frustrated with Thursday night's 36-33 OT loss versus the Las Vegas Raiders: both for the narrow L that questions Dallas' legitimacy for the postseason and for missing out on dinner with the family.

These canned-up emotions propelled a Cowboys defensive player to throw a punch at an opposing Raiders player once both teams met to shake hands after the overtime win was sealed.

Cowboys defensive lineman Trysten Hill threw the first punch at Raiders guard John Simpson, per 247 Sports, which caused an uproar to elevate into a brawl between both teams.

As seen in the footage, the Cowboys' Hill punched the helmet off Simpson. Teammates and coaches splayed the players once more members like Maxx Crosby got involved.

Even Las Vegas Raiders backup Marcus Mariota got involved. Still, the opposing players assumed the night's referees could be petty enough to throw a roughing the passer call, even in the after-hours, and maintained distance.

Meanwhile, the network cameras were keen on watching winning Raiders players take a bite out of their turkey leg, as others were getting their a**es kicked.

Both teams mishandled the night after a combined 28 penalities spearheaded a matchup of who could commit the final egregious error to cost their team the win.

In overtime, Dallas was unable to complete their comeback effort spurred by a 14-point fourth quarter. The Raiders capped the night with a 29-yard game-winning field goal from Las Vegas' Daniel Carlson and went home, victors.

Dallas remains at the top of the pitiful NFC East division at 7-4, but their 1-3 record in the past four games tells a different tale of their potential longevity in the 2021-22 playoffs.

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