Son Of Vince Wilfork Pleads Guilty To Stealing Dad’s Super Bowl Rings

Father's Day at the Wilfork house may be a little uncomfortable this year.

D’Aundre Holmes-Wilfork, the 24-year-old son of former NFL star Vince Wilfork, has pleaded guilty to stealing his father's Super Bowl rings and other valuables.


Per Houston's ABC13, the younger Wilfork heisted more than $400,000 worth of jewelry, including two Super Bowl rings, from Wilfork the elder, who spent eleven seasons with the New England Patriots and won titles in 2004-05 and 2014-15.

Now, he's literally one of the only Patriots from that era who is ringless.

Upon lifting his dad's jewelry, Holmes-Wilfork sold the Super Bowl rings for $62,000 and pawned the remaining items for $4,600. Wilfork originally thought he had misplaced his valuables, but Houston's ABC13 reported that police were alerted the rings had been sold to a memorabilia group and they then contacted Wilfork.

Holmes-Wilfork was arrested in connection with the crime in May of 2021. Last week, he took a plea deal for felony theft of property over $300,000 and was sentenced to community service and five years of probation.

However, this isn't Holmes-Wilfork's first run-in with the law. In 2016 while a member of the University of Houston football team, he was arrested for drug possession and removed from the team.

Papa Wilfork retired from the league about a year later, but if he'd still been with the Pats, this theft likely would've been prevented. Everyone knows the Patriots film everything.


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