SI Swimsuit Hopeful Taylor Sharpe, Bruce Arians After A Couple Pops & Cowherd Explains His Health Situation

I need to know TB12's hangover remedy

Think about how much money Tom Brady could make if he came out with the magic potion that relieves a hangover like the one he might be going through this morning inside his sprawling Tampa mansion. If Tom came out this morning and said he cracks an egg, drinks a celery powder smoothie and sits in a sauna for 10 minutes, there would be an egg, celery powder and bedroom sauna shortage in this country.

I'd have three saunas. Backups.

What a performance the GOAT gave us Wednesday. It reminded us all that 2021 is the year we're all going to get loose. We're going to smile, have those boat beers, tie one on here and there and start getting back to not GAF what the nerd websites out there think. Tom Brady showed athletes that it's perfectly OK to get loose. That said, the nerd websites and social media nerds out there will make their hateful headlines and blog posts, but those of us with our heads screwed on right have to ignore their attempts to ruin our fun.

Get out there and have yourself a responsible, loose evening. Then, in the morning, fire up the blender, crack an egg and set that sauna at high to squeeze every last toxin out of your body.

• I was on the Gerry Callahan show this morning, and I must say the longtime Boston radio host couldn't have been a bigger pro. Go follow @GerryCallahan and @TurtleboyTweets, who was a guest during my appearance.

• It was also great to have yet another spot on Clay's show. Those are starting to pile up. Things are really starting to heat up for me. I'm not sure my wife, who's been working at home during the 'VID, appreciates the constant media appearances, but she's been dealing with me for a long time. We'll get through it.

• And in more OutKick news, radio host Jonathan Hutton explained Wednesday what's going on with OutKick Radio. I'm not privy to that inside information, but things are clearly moving fast, and big things are coming for this site and what Clay's building.

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