Sean McVay Makes Decision On His Future And The Rams Are Very Grateful

Los Angeles Rams coach Sean McVay is going to run it back. Again.

The coach who implored his players to return for the 2022 season so they could defend their Super Bowl championship, only to see the season become a nightmare, is coming back for the 2023 season, a source confirmed to OutKick.

ESPN was first to report the news.

The Rams have confirmed their coach is returning.

McVay, who just turns 37 years old in 11 days, spent the past week considering whether to step aside from coach as a way to decompress from the job. His representatives had discussions with various television companies in the last year to gauge their interest in hiring McVay.

Those conversations don't need to go further for the time being.

McVay will return to the Rams for his seventh season in hopes of erasing the memory of a just-completed season in which Los Angeles sank to a 5-12 record. It was McVay's first losing season.

McVay, a source said, is so committed to his return that he is already working on reshaping his coaching staff and convincing defensive stalwart Aaron Donald to come back for the 2023 season as well.

Donald, like many Rams stars, had a rough season. He suffered a high ankle sprain the final week of November and didn't play the remainder of the year.

Working on McVay's behalf, and perhaps affecting his decision to return, is the fact the Rams expect quarterback Matthew Stafford to return next year as well.

Stafford missed much of the season because of a spinal cord contusion. The injury is expected to heal through rehabilitation.

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