Saquon, OBJ Planning On Rehabbing Together This Offseason

Former teammates Saquon Barkley and Odell Beckham Jr. underwent major knee surgeries just 10 days apart in late October and are now planning on rehabbing together. The Giants running back spoke with ESPN's Jordan Raanan on why it makes sense:

"Only thing I do know that I have planned for sure, I'm definitely going to link up with Odell," Barkley said. "Obviously, Odell tore his knee a little too. I think we both need just being there. We're really good friends. Competing with each other and pushing each other will also be good too. That's the only thing for certain I know I will do. Everything else is up in the air."

Barkley goes on about how he plans to get back on the field.

"But obviously we both wouldn't want to go through this, I guess you would say, but I think it's very important that since we are really close and we know each other so well and we are two competitors and we think we can really help each other, I do think it's important to really link up. But at the same time, we both have to come in with the mindset of getting one percent better each day. That's what we have to get from each other. Any way we can get it."

Barkley even opened up an invitation for other players

"Every year, we always link up with him at some point, somewhere. Definitely going to find a way to link up. Obviously I would love to, any of those guys that are going through this injury, whether it's Joe Burrow, Devin Bush, Bud Dupree, there's a couple guys, any guy, I think it would be really dope if we could all link up."

Overall, a galvanizing statement, but there's really two issues at work.

Barkley and Beckham should definitely get together and simply be good friends. However, there are potential issues that may come with that well-intended competitiveness.