Sam Howell 'Brings His Own Chicken Nuggets To Parties': OutKick 360, Dakich Discuss

The OutKick 360 crew unlocked some trust issues when they learned Washington Commanders QB Sam Howell only eats chicken, has never tried a burger or had steak, and brings his own chicken tenders to team dinners.

Jonathan Hutton and Paul Kuharsky had Dan Dakish on the show to discuss how they felt about it and vegan athletes in general.

Kuharsky asked Dakich if he trusts Howell — simple answer, hard no. Howell even reminded us all he's never had steak in a Commanders' video on Tuesday.

"Can you imagine ... you're that self important — or whatever — that 'I'm going to bring my own chicken nuggets to parties,'" Dakich said. "Look I get it. You're the star quarterback, you're going to get invited to parties. But you're not getting invited to my parties, pal."

Dakich also detailed the time he was vegan — it lasted a day, and he remembers being able to eat Taco Bell bean burritos.

Here's everything the crew had to say:

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