Saints Bringing Back Jameis Winston After Pursuit Of Deshaun Watson Falls Flat

The New Orleans Saints couldn't land Deshaun Watson, so they'll turn to Jameis Winston to be the main man under center. Again.

Per multiple reports, Winston and the Saints are closing in on a two-year contract agreement that will keep Winston in New Orleans, where he played last season.

"Still details to be worked through but trending in the right direction," ESPN's Jeremy Fowler wrote of the new contract. "Winston and the Saints set to build off last year's 5-2 start together."

In this year of QB craziness, it's nice to see a little stability.

Of course, this so-called stability wasn't by design. The Saints were all in on Watson before he was traded to the Browns. So were the Falcons, who then traded their own QB, Matt Ryan, to the Colts. In other words, in most cases, when you make it known you want someone else at quarterback, it's generally wise to get rid of the guy from last season.

But not the Saints. They're clearly all in on Winston. Is he the long-term answer? Who knows, who cares, and at least they have someone familiar taking snaps.

The fact that Winston was willing to come back after the Saints flirted with Watson so strongly means that Winston realizes he still has something to prove. As is the case with any man in that situation, his goal is likely to prove that the Saints don't need Watson anyway.

Deshaun Watson? Who dat?