Saints' Alvin Kamara Lights Up Christmas Day With Six Touchdowns Against The Vikings

If you played against Alvin Kamara in Fantasy Football this week, we're really sorry. The Saints' star running back took over Christmas Day with a six-touchdown performance against the Minnesota Vikings. That defense has dealt with plenty injuries, but it's still ridiculous.

Get this man an orange slice because Kamara just went full pee wee football. Saints' quarterback Drew Brees has always loved throwing the ball out the backfield, so it's a bit of a surprise to see 22 touches and six TD's on the ground. Talk about an exhausting day.

For some persepective, Kamara's six rushing TDs tied the single-game NFL record set by Ernie Nevers, who did it with the Chicago Cardinals in 1929.

Alvin Kamara just wrecked someone's Fantasy playoff and no amount of Thursday prepping could save you. As you would expect, Kamara's show led the Saints to a 52-33 victory. Maybe the 4-10 Carolina Panthers want to key on him next week? Just sayin...

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