Sad Dallas Cowboys Fans, 315-Pound Christian Wilkins Can Jump & A Florida Cop Makes Great Tackle

Now Cowboys fans know how Bengals fans felt for all those years

Andy Dalton is pretty good when there's not much pressure on him. The minute you put him in the playoffs (0-4) or against the Steelers (3-13 career record), something happens to the Red Rifle. He withers. Dalton is now 2-5 during his career on Monday Night Football. It gets worse. Dalton is 6-15 in games starting at 7 p.m. or later. By contrast, you have Kyler Murray, who is now 7-0 all-time at Jerry's World, including high school, college and the NFL.

The Las Vegas Strip continues to be a huge mess filled with people fighting and shooting each other. The latest incident happened on a bridge from Cosmo to Planet Hollywood. Shots were fired, according to KSNV. This is what happens in a Vegas when the convention crowd is nowhere to be found. The dirtbags take over.

And finally, this morning, let's get an update on the woman who claims to have gone 12 days in Zion National Park without food and very little water. Her daughter has said that her mom hit her head on a tree, became disoriented, and lost her way. Something tells me there's more to this story. I've seen enough out of the internet over the last 15 years to know something isn't right with this one.

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