Ryan Tannehill Gets Exposed For Lying About Having Jay-Z's Number In His Phone

Ryan Tannehill is not tight with Jay-Z. He got caught in a lie and it made for a really funny situation.

Prior to Sunday's game, the Titans social media staffer decided to take a viral TikTok trend to the locker room. As many teams, celebrities and friend groups have done before, the staffer went around to various players and asked them who is the most famous person in their contacts and if they will FaceTime the person right then and there.

Bud Dupree kicked things off and threw out rapper Young Thug. When asked if they could FaceTime Thugger, they burst into laughter. He is currently in jail so that is not possible.

Long snapper Morgan Cox went next. He said that Michael Phelps is the most famous person in his phone, but they cannot FaceTime him because he is underwater.

Other names included Troy Polamalu, Taylor Lewan, and Michael Blackson. When they tried to FaceTime Blackson, however, he declined and responded with a "who's this?" Brutal. But he did call back at the end.

Among those who were asked about their most famous contact was Ryan Tannehill. He said that he has HOV's number in his contacts. When asked whether they could FaceTime the rap legend, the Titans quarterback admitted that he was bluffing. Although he laughed it off, he got exposed.

Take a look at the Tennessee Titans sharing the most famous person in their contacts:

Had the social media person not followed-up about calling Jay-Z, Tannehill would have got away with the fake contact. Shameful!

Despite the blatant lie from their quarterback, the video was a huge success. It really couldn't have been funnier. Again, except for the fact that Tannehill got caught fibbin' and the entire world saw it.

The video has more than 6 million views on TikTok, so the clout-chase is being put on blast as it should! Tough look for Tannehill.