Ryan Fitzpatrick Hugs Tom Brady Prior To TNF Despite Recent Bashing Of Bucs QB

Ryan Fitzpatrick has either buried the hatchet with Tom Brady, or chose to take the high road. The two hugged it out on Thursday night despite a history of animosity.

Over the course of his storied career, Brady has been called out on multiple occasions for snubbing opposing quarterbacks after a loss. In May, Fitzpatrick got in on the conversation and added his own experiences.

The former 18-year journeyman quarterback beat Brady on two occasions. Fitzpatrick did so with the Bills in 2011 and then again with the Jets in 2015.

He said that his first win in 2011 is his favorite NFL memory because Brady did not shake his hand after the game. And then in regard to the win 2015, Fitzpatrick said that he had chase Brady down on the 50-yard-line.

There is no love lost and Ryan Fitzpatrick feels as though Brady never respected him.

In addition, the two have had something of an ongoing beef over comments made during a viral clip in 2021. In the clip, Brady discussed a team that was not interested in signing him before he signed with the Bucs and rhetorically asked "you're sticking with that motherf—er?"

There has been a lot of speculation about who the quarterback Brady was referring to might have been. Many people believe that it was in reference to Fitzpatrick, who was on the Dolphins at the time.

Even Fitzpatrick believes that Brady was talking about Fitzpatrick. Brady says that he was not.

During an appearance on his podcast 'Let's Go! with Tom Brady, Larry Fitzgerald and Jim Gray,' the winningest NFL quarterback of all-time said he was not talking about Fitzpatrick. He also added that he feels as though Fitzpatrick has it out for him.

“I like to keep them guessing, unfortunately with this coming out I’d have to tell him, it wasn’t him. I love Ryan but somehow he’s got it out for me. Ryan’s a hell of a guy too, and I’ve competed against him. He’s a Harvard guy, now he looks like he’s part homeless, and now he’s on TV, doing my future job’s gonna be. I think Ryan’s got a good thing going, I’m not sure why he needs to think I’m after him.”

We may never know whether Brady was telling the truth. We may never know who the "motherf—er" was.

Regardless of the truth, despite their beef, they acted like old friends on Thursday night.

Brady was playing in the game, while Fitzpatrick sits at the Amazon desk for the pregame and halftime shows. When they saw each other on the field, it was a big ole love fest.

Is the hatchet buried? Is Ryan Fitzpatrick putting on a front? Was it a publicity stunt?

Regardless of the reason, the two quarterbacks were cordial. Considering all of the recent comments from Fitzpatrick about Brady, it was quite the surprise.