Russell Wilson Gives BIG Smirk With Infamous 'Let's Ride' After Reportedly Saving Nathaniel Hackett's Job With Win In London

Nathaniel Hackett will live to see another week in Denver and Russell Wilson is ready for Broncos country to continue to ride. The latter celebrated Sunday's win in London with his infamously cringeworthy tag-line, while the former will surely celebrate his job security on his way back to the States.

Entering the weekend, the Broncos were 2-5 with five ugly losses to the Seahawks, Raiders, Colts, Chargers and Jets. The latter four losses came in the four weeks prior to Sunday, with two of them coming in demoralizing overtime fashion.

As a result, first-year head coach Nathaniel Hackett was already on the hot seat after just seven games. According to Dan Granziano, there was “chatter” in league circles that he may have been fired if Denver was to lose to a floundering Jacksonville side in London.

Fortunately for him, that is not what happened. The Broncos beat the Jaguars 21-17.

A large part of the win was earned and the defense deserves a lot of credit. However, it helped that Trevor Lawrence was terrible.

The Jacksonville quarterback completed less than 60% of his passes for just 133 yards with a touchdown and two interceptions. His second sealed the game for his opponents.

Russell Wilson and Nathaniel Hackett can sleep easy after the Broncos win.

Regardless of how it went down, the Broncos moved to 3-5. In turn, Hackett will keep his job.

Now, that doesn't mean his job is safe for the entire year. If the early season woes return and continue, there is a chance he could get the axe after just 365 days. But for now, Hackett can get on his flight home with a bye week coming up and his job secure.

Following the win that saved Hackett's season, Wilson was interviewed by ESPN's Laura Rutledge. He closed things out with a firm "let's ride" and a big smirk.

Wilson knows exactly what he is doing and continues to look down at us peasants from atop his many, many millions of dollars. Right next to him — FOR NOW — is Hackett, who remains employed.