Rumored Team Drops Out of Deshaun Watson Sweepstakes

ESPN reported this week that Deshaun Watson is now willing to waive his no-trade clause for teams other than the Miami Dolphins.

Ian Rapoport says Watson has done so only for the Dolphins thus far. Rapoport adds that the Panthers are now unlikely to trade for Watson before the Nov. 2 deadline.

If the Panthers are out, then the Dolphins may be bidding against themselves. At that point, why risk the future for a QB who faces 22 -- 22! -- sexual assault lawsuits? Should they so choose, Miami can make the same offer for Watson in the offseason after a court has adjudicated his cases.

The Dolphins could also wait until after the season to see whether they could trade for Aaron Rodgers or Russell Wilson, both of whom could request trades, according to the NFL Network.

Gut feeling: Watson does not play this season.

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