Ron Rivera Apologizes For Stupid Comment That Threw Carson Wentz Under The Bus

Ron Rivera says he was merely having a bad day Monday when he threw starting quarterback Carson Wentz under the bus as the culprit for the Washington Commanders being the worst team in the NFC East.

Rivera said he apologized to his quarterback and, indeed, all his players for the distraction. Washington plays the Chicago Bears on Thursday night.

"I basically told them that I said some things that were misconstrued," Rivera said. "I didn't present it properly and that's on me. So I took accountability. Told the guys I should know better and, , I had a bad day. So I figured, you know, feeling better today so let's move forward.

"To me, as far as I'm concerned, it's really now about the most important thing that's getting ready for football."

Rivera was asked Monday why he thinks the rest of the teams in the NFC East are making progress while the Commanders are mired at 1-4.

"Quarterback," Rivera responded.


Cue eyebrows raising in the Washington locker room, Carson Wentz's house (which he realizes he better be leasing) and the public.

Because the head coach of the team should maybe check out his own work and how that stacks up with other NFC East coaches before blaming one guy for his entire team's problems.

So it became a topic on national television Monday night when former Washington quarterback Alex Smith took Rivera to task.

"I had a really hard time watching that," Smith said on ESPN's pregame show. "When I heard it, I couldn’t believe it. I’m not here to defend Carson Wentz. He’s had, you know, a career of ups and downs. But this is a defensive head coach that is absolutely driving the bus over his quarterback…”

“The blame has got to be spread around. This is a team sport. It is the ultimate team sport."

Rivera clears the air

Yes, Rivera screwed up and so he apologized to Wentz and his players.

"There was no reaction to it," Rivera insisted. "For the most part we just had to make sure it was clarified yesterday, last night, and then today I had an opportunity to speak to the players. And I just told them, 'Hey it's on me, I should know better.' Me of all people should know better, to be honest. I've been doing this quite some time and for me not to finish my thought completely I messed up. And I just told the guys it's on me and it won't happen again."


But out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks, coach. Now we know what's in your heart.

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