Roddy White With The Absolute Worst Take Possible On Deshaun Watson Situation

Former NFL wide receiver Roddy White hit the tweet button on one of the worst takes you're ever going to see about the Deshaun Watson sexual assault allegations. Six lawsuits are expected to be filed against the Houston Texans quarterback. Three lawsuits have already been filed, including one in Harris County, Texas that claims Watson forced a massage therapist to perform oral sex on him.

"It's impossible to make someone give u oral sex," White tweeted in Watson's defense. White has yet to delete the tweet and seems to be standing by his statement.

Clearly, the man's brain was scrambled over his 171-game NFL career. As for getting paid, that happens in certain cases, but Roddy might want to rethink his stance on the other part.

Meanwhile, as OutKick founder Clay Travis pointed out this morning, Watson is now likely facing a significant suspension based on how many civil lawsuits we're talking about here. Remember, Ezekiel Elliott was suspended for six games back in 2017 for violating the NFL's personal conduct policy over a case where an ex-girlfriend accused the Cowboys running back of domestic violence.

The NFL conduct policy allows for the league to punish players, even if there aren't legal charges brought against him. In Elliot's case, it couldn't be proven that he was guilty beyond reasonable doubt. Elliott eventually served all six games after dropping his appeal in the matter.

The Texans announced this week that they have signed Tyrod Taylor to help shore up the quarterback position that was already in disarray over Watson, whom many observers believe will never put on the team's uniform ever again.

“Extremely serious, he’s extremely serious,” Jalen Ramsey said two weeks ago of Watson’s desire to be dealt out of Houston.

“At the end of the day, Deshaun is a great man. A servant leader. Even now when people are trying to crucify him and talk bad on his name, he’s still out there doing things for the community in Houston.

“So he’s a great man. He’s a professional. He’s going to still do things that are positive in the community and probably still help his teammates out.

“But I highly doubt he’ll ever suit up in a Texans uniform again. He’s very serious. I will say he’s very serious. This is his legacy here, I mean, he should be serious.”


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