Rob Gronkowski Not Ready To Think About Football

Last month, Rob Gronkowski dropped some literal barbershop talk when he admitted that there was a “very good chance” he’d soon be back in Tampa catching passes from Tom Brady. However, just three weeks later, the thought of committing to another season sounds as appetizing to Gronk as a bowl of avocado ice cream.

“I’m not ready to commit to the game of football right now,” Gronkowski told TMZ.

And who can blame him? The 32-year-old free agent is busy prepping for the second annual “Gronk Beach” party that he’ll host in Las Vegas later this month, the same weekend as the NFL Draft.

“I’m not retired, but I’m not signed,” Gronkowski reminded TMZ. “So I’m going to have plenty of time to recover (from Gronk Beach) if I ever go back to football.”

Gronk certainly hasn’t closed the door on reupping with the Bucs or another team. He’s just not in any hurry to do so.

“I knew if I started catching some passes (in the offseason) that my head would have started turning, like, ‘Oh, crap, I got to get back out on the field.' And, right now, I’m not ready to get back out on that field.”

Gronkowski, an 11-year veteran and owner of four Super Bowl rings, seems poised to enjoy the life of an unemployed, uncommitted, insanely rich superstar. At least for a few more weeks.

“In order to play the game of football, you literally have to be 100% dedicated week in and week out because it’s a grind man,” Gronk added.

“You gotta be fully dedicated. I’m not ready to do that yet.”

Son of a beach, I think he’s serious.

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