Richard Sherman Has Doubts About Glove-Wearin' Steelers Rookie QB Kenny Pickett

Veteran defensive back Richard Sherman has his doubts about Pittsburgh Steelers rookie quarterback Kenny Pickett. Or more specifically, Sherman wonders what the deal is with Pickett's gloves.

For a little background, the Steelers drafted Pickett out of Pitt with the No. 20 overall pick in the NFL Draft. He is expected to battle Mitch Trubisky in training camp for the starting role. But it is Pickett who is considered the future at the position in Pittsburgh.

Meanwhile, Sherman is a 34-year old free agent who last played with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. His best years came with the Seattle Seahawks from 2011-17.

He currently operates his own podcast, on which he pontificates on all things NFL. During the latest episode, he reflected on the draft, wondering about Pickett ... and the gloves Pickett sports.

“Do I think he’s the quarterback of the future? I don’t know,” Sherman said. “It’s hard for me to trust a quarterback who wears gloves all the time. It’s just different. It’s just different. I just, I have a hard time with it. But he slings it. He’s effective and we’ll see how effective he is in Pittsburgh. They do a great job developing guys.”

Sherman does make a decent point about Pickett's gloves. He actually wears two of them. And he did fumble 26 times while at Pitt. So maybe he feels the gloves help him get a better grip on the ball. (Interestingly, Pickett has a double-jointed thumb on his throwing hand.)

Either way, the Steelers clearly aren't all that concerned with Pickett, his gloves or Sherman's opinion. They just know they have a QB that they really like, and according to coach Mike Tomlin, has a shot to be the retired Ben Roethlisberger's replacement as soon as Week One.

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