Rex Ryan Sides With Brady Over Bill Belichick, And He's Got A Point

Former Jets head coach Rex Ryan always gave Bill Belichick his flowers, but now he's showering his former quarterback instead. That's right, Tom Brady. He claims Brady, largely considered the GOAT, was more important to the Patriots dynasty than the greatest coach of all-time. It's a bold statement, but he might have a point.

Let's get this out the way: Rex Ryan is a former rival of Bill Belichick. The Patriots got the best of Ryan's New York Jets, especially in the playoffs, so he likely has no love for Belichick. Some of his praise for Brady could be a desire to show that the Jets' downfall was not due to poor coaching. However, it also seems as though Ryan wants Tom Brady to bathe in the credit for the Patriots dynasty.

New England signed Cam Newton this offseason, and most national media approved of the move because of Bill Belichick. They believed that the six-time Super Bowl champion Bill Belichick could return Super Cam back to glory, but he hasn't. The ole "he can win with anybody" phrase we've heard a million times has finally been put to the test.

Check out what Rex had to say on ESPN.

He's not wrong. Brady is now off the hook for the Patriots' struggles in recent years. Analysts grilled Brady for being "washed up," but it now seems that the team's failures had less to do with an aging Brady than it did a failing roster. This season, they have lost four games in a row. That kind of losing streak never happened on Brady's watch. Brady would never have accepted it.

Last laugh

Rex Ryan likely won't get the opportunity to beat Bill Belichick on the field going forward. However, he clearly isn't afraid to give Tom Brady love at Bill's expense. Frankly, it's funny. He isn't an all-time coach, but he is passive aggressive and strategically using the media to knock his former rival.

Patriots fans are going to hate to hear it, but Tom Brady left to join the best team in the NFC. Meanwhile, the Patriots have dropped four straight. Everyone involved looks terrible. Bill Belichick's legacy has taken a major hit this season, whether Rex Ryan pointed it out or not. Brady hand-picked the Tampa Bay Buccaneers because he knew the team wouldn't let him down the way New England's front office had. Brady finally has a good team around him again, and the wins are piling up.

Just like the 2010 AFC Divisional Playoff, Rex Ryan has beaten Bill Belichick, and we're here for all of it.

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