Randy Moss Regularly Reminded Rookie Julian Edelman That He Was Drafted Much Higher

While some of us hold hope that Julian Edelman will come out of retirement to reunite with Tom Brady in Tampa Bay, Julian's playing of his career's Best Hits may signal that the wideout is truly done with football.

Enjoying 12 seasons in New England, Edelman play along a list of players with memorable NFL careers. One of those former teammates was Randy Moss, a popular pick for NFL's all-time best receiver.

Moss wasn't afraid to talk big game either, especially to then-rookie Julian Edelman.

Edelman spoke on his time playing alongside Randy in Foxborough with Cris Carter — another former teammate of Moss. The retired Patriot remembered Moss' teasing during practice, and admitted to Randy frequently taunting Edelman over being a seventh-round pick. Moss followed it up with reminding the young Patriot of his own first-round status — made worse by his nutty nickname.

“Every day he’d come in, he used to call me 'Edel-nut,'” claimed Edelman. “He goes, ‘Hey, Edel-nut. 98 first round. You better get to know me… there’s about 15 to 16 of you out here Julian Edelman, but there’s only one Randy Moss. 98, first round. Get to know me.’ And then just walk off.”

Despite Randy's overpowering of a rookie Edelman, the latter went on to become the more memorable Patriots wideout after a dozen seasons. Also winning three more championships than Moss.

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