Randall Cobb Takes Funny, But True Jab At Texans

To say new (old) Packers receiver Randall Cobb is glad to be back in Green Bay would be an understatement. In his first press conference since heading back to Lambeau, Cobb praised the Pack and took a jab at his former team, the Texans.

Upon stepping to the mic, Cobb expressed his excitement to return to Green Bay: "I can breath again. I've seen the other side," Cobb joked. "I'm excited to be back here and I'm smiling."

His excitement wasn't lost amongst his Packer teammates: "It's funny, my teammates said you act like you just got out of prison..." said Cobb. "I'm very, very, very excited to be here. And that's nothing against Houston," he added.

Cobb, who spent the first eight years of his career in Green Bay before a year each with Dallas and Houston, likened the Packers to a successful business: "Green Bay's like a Fortune 500 company and the Texans are a (relatively) new franchise, they're a start-up that's figuring out their way," Cobb told the media.

He's not wrong. Green Bay is coming off a season in which they finished one win away from the Super Bowl. Houston meanwhile, finished 4-12, had no draft picks until the third round and fired their coach.

The Packers traded for Cobb largely to appease quarterback Aaron Rodgers. The two shared the field together from 2011 - 2018, and Rodgers pushed for the team to re-acquire the 30-year old in recent days.

Cobb and the Texans are scheduled for an early reunion. Green Bay hosts Houston in the preseason opener for both clubs, August 14th in Lambeau.