Rams Release A Wild Pre-Draft Hype Video To Promote Their Lack Of Picks

After numerous trades to build their Super Bowl-winning team, the Los Angeles Rams head into this week's NFL Draft in Las Vegas holding the Lombardi Trophy and dropping pre-draft heist hype videos straight out of Hollywood.

The Rams will have Thursday night off, unless they come up with some sort of unlikely trade that would move them into the first round. And then, Friday night, general manager Les Snead can grab a late dinner because his team doesn't draft in the second round either.

It will take 103 draft picks before the Rams are officially on the clock, and the team is promising, via its hype video that "We're gonna do what no one said we could. We're gonna steal the Draft," an actor playing Snead promises.

Now, if anyone has the right to hate the Rams, it would be a Bengals fan like myself who had to watch that franchise with fans who've been around for 2-3 years celebrating a Super Bowl on its home turf while my Bengals walked off into the sunset.

Knowing what I know about the NFL, it's highly likely Joe Burrow will never return to the Super Bowl, and yet here I am, completely impressed by what the Rams have turned out here, bragging about being the 1990s Florida Marlins.

This is exactly what we should demand out of a Los Angeles franchise, just like we should demand theater before Vegas hockey games.

Now, let's all hope these guys bomb in the NFL Draft and end up horrible for the next 20 years, so Joe Burrow never has to have his heart ripped out ever again. That's all I'm asking here.

Rams' 2022 Draft picks:

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