Rams, Chargers May Be In Need Of New Homes, Too

The Los Angeles Rams and LA Chargers are preparing to face the same problem that the San Francisco 49ers had to deal with last week: They may have to find temporary stadiums outside of their home base, per Yahoo Sports.

California is shutting down just about everything again, due to what the governor's office insists are record COVID-19 numbers. The state has already taken extreme measures to combat the virus.

The 49ers are now playing home games in Arizona. The NFL reportedly has had conversations with the Rams and Chargers that a similar challenge may await them.

“League operations may not be able to continue soon and considering where we’re at in the schedule, dramatic changes like the 49ers’ relocation of operations could encompass the remainder of the season,” Yahoo's Charles Robinson quoted a source as saying.

“That could be the case for all of the teams . The situation is being monitored and how it will impact the rest of the season is a little fluid right now. But the best thing everyone can do is just prepare for any eventuality.”

The Rams (7-4) are actually scheduled to play in Arizona on Sunday to face the Cardinals. The Chargers (4-7) are scheduled to host the New England Patriots.

Rams coach Sean McVay told reporters that if there's any temporary move coming, it's news to him.

"Haven’t heard anything of that nature," he said. "I think you would probably know as soon as I do if anything was affected. But we know we’re focused on the Cardinals and don’t anticipate that to be an issue with next week’s game , if that’s what you’re alluding to as well.”