Rams Appear Likely To Keep OBJ Despite Injury

It's safe to say the future is cloudy for Odell Beckham Jr.

As you likely know, the flamboyant wide receiver suffered another major knee injury in the Super Bowl that the Los Angeles Rams ultimately won. As you probably also know, Beckham is set to enter free agency.

Two major knee injuries in two years and an expiring contract are never a good combination when you're looking for your next gig. The exact injury, by the way, was a torn ACL.

But hey, this is OBJ. He always seems to find a way to play.

No matter, he is facing quite the conundrum, as are the teams that are considering signing him. Do you risk some of your salary cap space on a player who, while dynamic, may have peanut butter and jelly for knees? And will Beckham ever be the same -- or even close to it?

Of course, this all may become a moot point. Beckham could just stay right where he is. The Rams may be happy to have him back, too, given that he did play a major role in their journey to the title after coming over from the Cleveland Browns.

According to Aaron Wilson of Pro Football Network, Beckham may re-up in LA before he ever even hits free agency.

“Look for OBJ to be back with the Rams at some point,” a source told Wilson. “It’s a strong fit, and they know what he can do, and he loves it there. He’s not leaving.”

Of course, if he were to explore other options, rumor has it no less than the high-powered Kansas City Chiefs would have an interest.

That alone might be a good reason for the Rams to bring him back, just to make sure he doesn't end up somewhere else and come back to haunt them.

With Beckham, you just never know.