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Did you hear that? According to CNBC, it's the sound of lumber prices falling yet again, which has happened every trading day since the commodity hit a record $1,711 per thousand board feet on May 10. Prices did rebound during trading Wednesday, but experts believe this week's price action is the first sign of price balancing.

"You're starting to see some indications that the supply-demand imbalance is correcting," Shawn Church, a wood products industry journalist, told Fox Business. Rail service is improving in Canada, slowing sales at your local box stores, and people returning to work at lumber mills is being credited with the price drop over the last seven days.

Lumber reporter Keta Kosman added that lumber could be at around $1,000 by Labor Day if there aren't any major storms this summer. YESSSSS!!!!! IT'S ABOUT TIME!!!

A few days ago, I was doing the math on building a shelving unit in the garage with some 2X4s (I'd probably need 8-10) and plywood. Then I started thinking about the golden days when you could do that project for like $50 max and that's with a six-pack added on top of the lumber. My project can wait until the fall when it appears I'll be able to save a few bucks. Those of you who want that big, nice deck this summer are the ones I feel bad for. You'll be sitting out back thinking of what the lumber price chart looks like and cringing over buying at the height of the Great Lumber Price War of 2021.

That said, you can always laugh at the guys paying chlorine prices this summer.

Thursday Night Mowing League Night!! I need to see the yard after you're finished tonight. Let's pose the mowers. Show off those post-mowing beers. Show the rest of the league what you accomplished. DMs are wide open. Email is fine if you're old school: joekinsey@gmail.com.

Like I said last week, I'll figure out some prizes for Thursday Night Mowing League MVPs. Put in the work and you'll be rewarded. I promise.

• Hey look at that, another no-hitter! Here's a wild stat for you guys this morning. In the American League, there have been EIGHT complete games in 2021. There have been FOUR no-hitters. Take that to the watercooler at work today.

• Reminder: I'm jumping on the OutKick VIP call at 11 ET Saturday morning. Fire up your phones from the travel ball diamonds. I need to see what's going on out there at the tournaments.

• Finally this morning, what's the No. 1 song that needs to be on a summer patio playlist?

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