Rachel Bush Is Fed Up After Husband Jordan Poyer Is Snubbed, Again, By Pro Bowl

Instagram legend and NFL wife Rachel Bush spent Monday unloading on the Pro Bowl selection process that once again left her husband, Bills safety Jordan Poyer, off the roster. You might think making the Pro Bowl at this point isn't a big deal, especially in 2021 when there won't even be a game and no vacation associated with the game, but never forget that pro football players have contracts to negotiate and incentives to cash in on during a career.

Eagles center Jason Kelce earned himself $500k Monday by being selected to the Pro Bowl. Raiders tight end Darren Waller picked up a quick $100k via his contract incentive. Jason Pierre-Paul picked up $300k. James Bradberry's selection earned him $250k.

Meanwhile, the 29-year-old Poyer is left wondering what he has to do to finally break through and make his first Pro Bowl roster.

Bills defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier said Monday that he told an unnamed player from his squad to keep his head straight even with the snub.

“We had a guy today who found out that he wasn’t selected to the Pro Bowl,” Frazier said. “I wanted him to know how valuable he is to our defense and what he’s meant to our team in 2020 and not to get caught up in some of those other things that are going on when it comes to Pro Bowl balloting.”


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