Pregame Dance Could Have ESPN's Adam Schefter Going Under The Knife

There's an unspoken set of rules men over the age of 35 live by: never pass up the opportunity to pee, never trust a fart, and never, under any circumstances, dance in public.

Adam Schefter broke at least one of those rules and is now suffering the consequences.

The ESPN Insider made the questionable decision to "hit the Griddy" ahead of the December 20th Vikings-Bears game, and ended up hurting more than just his image.

As the above video shows, Schefter bounced from leg to leg no less than five times on the Solider Field turf as Vikings receiver Justin Jefferson and ESPN personalities Steve Young and Randy Moss looked on. Any middle-aged man will tell you that these types of unprovoked, quick movements always come with more risk than reward, and Schefter learned that the hard way.

On a Wednesday edition of ESPN's NFL Live, Schefter admitted that he recently underwent an MRI on his knee, likely because of an injury suffered from his pregame dance number.

"Breaking news. I underwent an MRI today on my right knee. I may have done damage to my knee doing that Griddy. We'll see the results of that MRI tomorrow," said a still upbeat Schefter.

A short time later, ESPN colleague Marcus Spears broke news that Schefter did indeed damage the knee. Schefter confirmed the report, then announced his decision to retire the Griddy from his routine.

Thank God.

"Adam Schefter suffered a meniscus tear that will require rest the next two weeks before doctors determine if surgery is necessary," tweeted Spears.

Schefter replied by tweeting: "As good of a reporter as he is an analyst...Sadly, confirmed. Griddy days are over."

Bad as the news is, things could've been worse: Schefter could've broke rule No. 2 while on live TV.


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