Police Called On Emotional Ohio Couple Who Were Watching Steelers Game

Frazer Street runs through the heart of the University of Findlay (OH) campus, and that's where cops were called to an unidentified address Sunday during the Browns-Steelers game. By now, we all know what was going on with the game. The Browns set a record for points (28) scored during the first quarter of a postseason game and then a record for the most points scored (35) by a road team in the first half of a playoff game.

It was a brutal scene. Things were so bad that someone on Frazer Street thought there was a case of domestic violence occurring. Cops were called.

"A woman crying, and the sounds of someone possibly being hit, were reported on Frazer Street. However, the residents turned out to be yelling at the television due to the Steelers losing."

Yes, Ben Roethlisberger graduated from Findlay High School. Tony's Restaurant in town still features the Big Ben burger, a "one pound burger with lettuce, tomato, and Tony's Barbeque Sauce on a five inch bun.  Add cheese for 7 cents."

Sure, there's been bad blood between the locals and Ben over the years, but most everyone has matured and Ben went back -- after years of using Cory Rawson, Ohio (a town by that name doesn't exist) as his hometown due to a beef he had with people in Findlay -- to showing love for his hometown in 2017.

There's a belief by many that Sunday might've been the last time Roethlisberger will play in the NFL. Yes, it was a playoff game against the hated Browns, but this could've been the last time the Findlay couple will ever see their beloved hero play. Emotions boiled over.

Case closed.


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