Peyton Manning Uses Bar Tabs To Inspire AFC Team At Pro Bowl Games With Mai Tai Record Looming

AFC Pro Bowl Games coach Peyton Manning's message to his players is simple: the more they win, the less their bar tabs cost. It is a motivational tactic that would inspire most anybody to get out and come home with a victory.

The first official NFL Pro Bowl was held in January of 1951. Every year since, the best players from each conference face off against one another on the weekend prior to the Super Bowl.

While it is an honor to be invited, it is also just a lot of fun. Especially this year.

Where the Pro Bowl required players to actually suit up for a "full contact" game in the past, this season's events require even less effort. It's just flag football.

That makes it even easier for the athletes to have themselves a good time in Las Vegas without worrying about playing through a hangover or anything of that nature. It serves as an awesome, all-expenses paid vacation for the players and their families.

Regardless of location, the players get to hang out with one another and enjoy some time (mostly) off. That includes having (more than) a few drinks.

Every year, an (unofficial) Mai Tai competition is held amongst players and coaches. Ronde Barber currently holds the record at 42 Mai Tais.

Although the NFL players are making plenty of money, that type of boozin' adds up!

This is where Peyton Manning's pump-up speech comes into play.

Peyton is coaching the AFC, Eli is coaching the NFC.

Players on the winning team will take home $84,000 each, while the losing team will earn half of that number. Thus, the winning team will have more money to spend on bar tabs!

After Thursday's events, the AFC leads the NFC by six. It will all come down to the remaining four events and the three flag football games on Sunday.

Peyton wants his side to keep its foot on the gas so that the money can go back into their tabs!