Pete Carroll Could Use A Hug -- And Russell Wilson

Like a 30-year-old woman watching Lifetime from her studio apartment days after a breakup, Seahawks coach Pete Carroll was in his feelings Monday night. After dropping a third straight game, two of them without stud QB Russell Wilson, a depressed Carroll was left to reminisce about his past and to dream of what's still to come.

"I've been here a long time, and if we didn't have Russell, I probably wouldn't have been here a long time..." said Carroll following the loss.

"Think of all the magic that he's created in the years. He's got numbers and stats and fourth-quarter thises and thats, and all that stuff. One of the winningest quarterbacks in the history of the NFL. It'll be really fun when he comes back and plays football again for us this year."

Sounds like a man who has run out of wine and just misses his quarterback.

He has good reason to. Wilson injured his finger on October 7th and hasn't been able to play since. Because of his absence, Seattle hasn't scored more than 20 points in a game since October 3rd.

"We owe a tremendous amount (to Wilson). You can see how hard it is. All of these games, the Rams game … the Steelers and this one, Russell's a factor," Carroll said. "He's a fantastic, positive factor and always has been, and those were exactly his time. That's his time. That's when he shines. So, we miss him."

Geez, Pete, tell us how you really feel. If I'm Wilson, I'm strutting into Carroll's office, bad finger and all, and asking for a sizable raise. With the way the Seahawks' season is going and with Carroll doubled over with emotion, Wilson and Ciara may have an ownership stake in the team before the weekend.

Since Wilson's currently on IR, the soonest he can comfort Carroll on the field would be Week 10 versus Green Bay. Fortunately for Carroll and Seattle, this week's foe has the Seahawks primed for a rebound. One-win Jacksonville visits Seattle on Halloween.

"We're going to keep fighting and clawing and doing everything we can," insisted Carroll.

If his team can't beat the Jaguars without Wilson, then Carroll is really going to need a tissue.

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