Pats Will Temporarily Pause Game Once Brady Sets New Passing Record

The Pats will be celebrating long-time franchise quarterback Tom Brady as he approaches the NFL's record for all-time passing yards. Team owner Robert Kraft confirmed that they'll be temporarily pausing Sunday night's game to acknowledge the record-setting play, albeit not stopping the game to laud the Brady's accomplishment.

Only 68 yards away from nabbing the all-time lead, Brady and the Bucs will be visiting Foxborough to face off against former head coach Bill Belichick and the 1-2 New England squad.

Kraft spoke on the night's festivities and brushed off any expectation for the Pats to fully stop the game and throw a parade. Instead, the contest will be temporarily paused to acknowledge a QB that earned the franchise six Super Bowl championships.

The Pats owner announced:

I want everyone in this building to know, right before the Buccaneers come out, you look at the big board and for one minute we're going to run something that I think is very respectful and worthy. And if he winds up breaking the record — although I guess in some ways I hope he doesn't, but realistically he will — the game will stop and we will honor that moment out of respect to him as a great athlete and what he's given to us.

The record held by former Saints QB Drew Brees sets the total at 80,358. Brady currently has 80,291 passing yards, with full expectations for the G.O.A.T. to eclipse the mark by the end of the first quarter thanks to the league's second-best passing attack.

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