Patrick Mahomes Has A Chat With His Hateable Brother, Jackson, Over Baltimore Incident

The Jackson Mahomes story has entered its fourth day, and we've made it to the point where likable Patrick Mahomes had to have a chat with his hateable brother for pouring water on a Ravens fan after the Chiefs lost Sunday night in Baltimore.

Look, Patrick can say his brother will learn from the Baltimore incident all he wants, but the truth is that his jerkoff brother isn't learning from anything. His job is being a content creator who then fuels social media channels that collect little dork fans in a demo that companies are desperate to get their advertising in front of.

Jackson then gets paid by those brands to do some TikTok dance before a Chiefs game while wearing their stupid clothes or wearing their stupid jewelry.

So we're stuck with hateable Jackson Mahomes for a looonnnnnggggg time. Patrick is 26 and has the Tom Brady blueprint to play into his mid-40s. You and I will be heading into retirement or dead before the jerkoff brother is done living off the Chiefs quarterback and the whole family will be billionaires by then.

God help all of us.

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