Patrick Mahomes Acts Like A Tough Guy Against The Much Bigger Maxx Crosby

Alright, let's ease off the macho-man act, Mahomes...

Patrick Mahomes, the consensus best QB in the NFL, thought that he needed to give the 1-3 Raiders some trash talk in a tight Monday night matchup.

Raiders defensive end Maxx Crosby had his way with the Chiefs' offensive line, which set Mahomes off.

Once Kansas City took a 23-20 lead in the third quarter, the former MVP started smack-talking Crosby and the Raiders defense.

The two clashed helmets at one point, though it's hard to imagine that a vet like Crosby isn't aware of the QB safety privilege in the NFL.

From the safety of his own sideline, Mahomes yelled, "I'm here" at Crosby, who had two sacks (and a 30-pound difference) on the Chiefs QB at the time of the grudge match.

If Mahomes was truly willing to stand in the pocket and hold his own against Crosby, credit to him.

Adding that it's an intradivisional matchup and that the refs cheated Kansas City earlier in the game with a Roughing the Passer call, Mahomes had reasons to be mad. Just don't rile up a Pro Bowl rusher, for the team's sake.


It was a highlight-heavy punchout between the AFC West teams. Mahomes and the Chiefs got the job done: beating the Raiders, 30-29. Chiefs TE Travis Kelce had a monster performance on his birthday Monday, catching four TD passes.

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